What to expect

Choose us for your training contract and, over the course of two years, you’ll get the chance to experience different areas of the law first hand and to work with a variety of colleagues and clients.

It is a lot of responsibility at an early stage of your career but we think that is part of what makes our training programme so appealing. While we’re pushing you outside of your comfort zone, we’re providing you with all of the support you need to succeed.

Take a look at some of the “myths” we want to bust about working in law

Trainee Secondments

Our trainees have the opportunity to apply for a 6 month client secondment during their training contract. Watch our video here to find out more about secondment experiences. 

Broad experience

You’ll spend six months in four seats, gaining genuine breadth of experience along the way. It’s by having access to this variety, surrounded by supportive, approachable professionals, that we can develop your skills and help you to find your niche.

Trusted to deliver

Whichever of our offices you join us in, you’ll have access to high-quality work and senior client contacts. We regularly second trainees to our most high-profile clients – it’s testament to the level of trust we’re prepared to place in you.

First-class training

We truly believe that the quality of training at Womble Bond Dickinson is second to none. We consistently take the time to ensure that we deliver on our promises so we’re delighted to have been recognised through award nominations.

Strong support

We make sure that your supervisors are well trained and supported on an ongoing basis. So as well as being experts in their field, they’re confident when it comes to passing on their skills and expertise. You’ll also have a mentor to guide you through your first two years and beyond. They’ll be able to answer all your queries and pass on the fruits of their experience – after all, it isn’t long since they were in your shoes.


We are still working on the official details of this. We have recognised that the changing landscape gives us a chance to do something different when it comes to educating and training our lawyers.

In that sense, we are viewing it as an opportunity to make sure we are giving our trainees the skills you need to be successful in the profession and our business.

As well as the qualities that make up the ‘O shaped lawyer’, we will also be putting a bigger focus on other areas, including legal tech, project management and client relationships. Our aim is to incorporate a period of employment with the firm in these areas prior to our trainees starting the formal qualifying work experience (QWE) aspect of the SQE.

We believe this model allows us to take the most innovative approach to developing our future lawyers. We will be able to embed our trainees within the business before they start their QWE, which will prepare you for practice in a way that other approaches might not.