Our recruitment process

Applications for the 2026 Training Contract are now closed.




Our recruitment process is designed to put you through your paces, but it’s also about sharing our unique culture with you, so you get a real sense of the firm you might be joining.

England and Wales applications – we have now moved to the SQE route to qualification for our Trainees. Welcoming applications from those that have completed or are studying a law degree (2nd & 3rd year students) or a non-law degree (3rd year students).


1. Application form (6 November 2023 – 11 January 2024)

The first stage of our process is a short application form. You’ll be asked to share details of your undergraduate degree and any further vocational education, your life history, and information as part of the Rare Contextualised Recruitment System, which allows us to understand the context in which your experiences have been gained and enables us to identify top candidates from the widest pool possible.

2. Blended High Potential Assessment (17 January 2024 – 15 February 2024)

Shortly after the close of the application window, everyone who has applied and is eligible to complete a training contract will be invited to complete our blended high potential assessment, which consists of an online assessment and a pre-recorded video interview.

In the pre-recorded video interview,  you will be asked 3 questions – and you’ll have an unlimited amount of time to think about what you want to say before you answer. You’ll also have the chance to complete a practice question before starting so that you can understand how the technology and format of the interview works.

This is an opportunity for the Early Talent recruitment team to get to know you a little more, so be yourself, try not to overthink it too much and let your personality shine through.

Click here to try our practice test – this will give you an idea of how the online assessment questions and video interview works.

3. Virtual assessment day (8 April 2024 – 10 May 2024)

If you’ve been successful in the blended high potential assessment stage, you’ll be invited to attend a virtual assessment day. This will involve a commercial understanding task and some short interviews, as well as giving you the opportunity to hear from a variety of people at WBD and ask them any questions you may have about the firm.

Remember, it’s a two-way process – by the end of the virtual assessment day, you’ll be able to decide whether WBD is right for you – and we’ll have a better understanding of who you are.

4. Work placement week 
(Includes final interview – w/c 3 June 2024 or w/c 17 June 2024)

Our placement weeks form part of our recruitment process. Our hybrid placement weeks give you a great insight into our business as well as  the responsibility and quality of work that is given to our trainees.

The placement week will also involve a final, mostly strengths-based interview, with two of the WBD team. Again, this is also a chance for you to find out more about our business, get a feel for what it would be like to work in our team, and understand if it’s the right place for you.

Because we believe that diversity, social mobility and fairness are vital in the way we – and all law firms – recruit trainees, WBD has signed up to the “Association of Graduate Recruiters” Voluntary Code to Good Practice in the Recruitment of Trainee Solicitors. You can read more about what this means for us as a recruiter and for you as a potential recruit here.

We would like to ensure that this process is as comfortable as possible for you and are more than happy to discuss any adjustments you may need. Please contact early.careers@wbd-uk.com so that we can work with you to support you throughout your application.

Meet our team

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Graduate Recruitment Partner and Training Principal
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Head of Recruitment
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Early Talent Development Manager
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